10 Elements To Include In A Great Online Video

Creating an outstanding corporate video takes a lot of time and hard work, but it’s not a feat that’s out of anyone’s reach. Here are ten of the best elements to include in your web video, to transform it from a good video to a great one.

1. An Eye Catching Introduction

The average attention span of a video viewer is nine seconds. That’s nine seconds you have to convince them that your video is worth watching. There’s no ‘right way’ to do this, you’ve just got to experiment and see what works. Catch your viewers off guard and make sure they are paying attention when you get down to the important bits.

2. A Clear Concept

You can’t run any kind of marketing video campaign effectively without a clear concept in mind. Are you introducing your business to the world? Promoting a new product or service? Or simply reminding your customers of what you do? This will help you shape the content of your video, and figure out what the end result will look like.

3. A Story

A string of sales pitches, taglines and motion graphics do not make a great video.  The human brain is wired for beginnings, middles and ends, so instead of telling the viewer all about your corporate numbers and how well you’re doing, tell them a story that will actually interest them. There’s some great advice on storytelling through Ted Talks.

4. Great Design

Video is an incredibly powerful tool, and it is a remarkably malleable medium considering this. Keep your branding department happy by utilising your logo and company colours in new and effective ways, such as theming the backgrounds or accent colours of the entire video to fit that theme.  Check out some of Holler’s works in our portfolio.

5. Emotion

Everyone has them, and they are one of the most powerful buying tools there is, and video captures emotion better than any other medium. Fill your video production with elements that stir your customers emotions, fill them with energy and enthusiasm and you will keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say. If you need a nudge in the right direction, check out this article about evoking emotion to arouse response in your viewers.

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6. Breaking The Rules

As with any public relations or video marketing from your company, there are always unspoken rules about what you should and shouldn’t say. Sometimes breaking those rules can be just as rewarding as keeping them. Just be aware of the rules you are breaking and why, and be prepared in case it goes wrong.

7. Pacing

How you pace your video can make or break its effectiveness. Too quick and your viewers will be left baffled, too slow and they will be bored and switch off. So instead, think ‘30’ Every 30 seconds of your video make a subtle change of pace, rhythm and content. Each new 30 second segment is a new chapter for you to win over your customers.

8. Heroes

When the CEO stands in front of a camera to wax lyrical about the company, it can come across as a little self-indulgent. So try and find the true heroes of your business. When given the opportunity, most employees want to tell their story and inspire others with their journey.   Holler created an Award Winning feel-good creative conference opener for a client which included members of staff performing as a rock band.

9. A Good Resolution

Your corporate video production shouldn’t just trail off into nothingness. The human mind remembers beginnings and endings better than middles, so make sure your ending has as much of an impact as your introduction. A good ending gives the viewer closure on the issue, but also leaves them with something to think about or something to do.

10. A Solid Video Marketing Plan

You have your perfect video – congratulations! But it’s not going to do much good sitting in the staffroom. Before you start developing your video, make sure you have a solid marketing strategy to back it up. How are you going to make sure that as many people see your video as possible?

Holler provides high quality video creation and editing services for every business and can help you to market your video so you receive a return on your investment. For support or advice in creating your next corporate video hit, get in touch today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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