3 Reasons You Should Be Using Mobile Video Production

Video production as we know it has changed significantly. Videos were once associated exclusively to entertainment. But nowadays, videos have also become one of the best platforms for marketing and advertising. Videos make it easier for marketers to interact with their customers, especially online. Millions and millions of videos are uploaded online on a daily basis and some of them have left a huge impact on the marketing and advertising industry. In the next five years or so, the traffic for video alone is expected to rise to 65%.

Mobile internet has also evolved in plenty of ways. It is now easier to access different websites and social media sites from your mobile device. People have easy accessibility as well due to the fact that internet connection has become a necessity these days. From a supplementary add-on service, mobile internet has become an important part in the lives of millions worldwide. If you haven’t yet, here are some reasons why you should be using mobile video production:

People are watching video on the gomobile video production

A lot of people are now watching videos through their mobile phones while on the go. This could be during commuting hours, traffic jams or during their lunch. YouTube alone has reported that a large number of its traffic comes from mobile phones, 40% to be precise. This number has significantly increased from 25% in 2012. In the US, 50 million Americans watch video through their mobile phones. This says a lot about how people are consuming their media and how this is evolving. Companies should take advantage of this trend and get on with mobile video production soon.

Attention spans are shorter

The attention spans of people these days have become incredibly short. TV advertisements, for instance, have cut their length by half. Commercials used to run for around a minute decades ago. According to Statistic Brain, the average human attention span is only 8 seconds! People don’t have the time and patience to watch long videos. You have to keep your mobile videos short and to the point.

Most importantly, the content has to be engaging as well. That’s a lot to do in a short span of time, therefore it is best to hire a mobile video production company that has a vast experience in this regard.

Videos are easy to share on social media

Lastly, mobile videos are easy to share across different social media platforms. Social media integration is a massive part of any online marketing campaign. The content that you share online should be easy to view and share. This way, your video will get exposure across the board and reach more people. For instance, there are 189 million Facebook users who access the app from their mobile devices exclusively. You have to ensure that the file type and size allows viewers to do so without much hassle.

A professional video production company and can create interesting and engaging professional marketing videos for your business. Please feel free to contact Holler with any of your queries about taking your new video production to the next stage.

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