3 Tips for Building Confidence in Front of the Camera

Stepping in front of a camera for the first time can be intimidating. Even if it’s something you’ve done before, it’s not unusual to feel the pressure. Luckily, when filming with Holler, we’ll make you feel at ease and ensure you don’t feel like you need to rush! Here’s some tips however, to make it easier for yourself.

Lights, camera, and backdrop are all important, but we’ll handle all of that. For you, preparation is the key to feeling great when you step in front of the camera.  Your hair, clothes, and any other personal details make a difference to how comfortable you feel, so ensure you’re in something comfortable. If there’s one thing you can avoid, it’s wearing all black and all white. These tones can leave you washed out as the camera looks for the darkest darks, and the lightest lights.

“When it comes to your hands and arms, you’ll want to move naturally so you don’t look stiff.”

You want to set your voice up for success by drinking water or tea before filming to help make it as clear as possible. A quick tip for building authority in your content is lowering the tone of your voice to add a more serious tone to your videos. When you’re conveying an excited tone, avoid going too high-pitched as it can be distracting. To keep things engaging, vary the volume, pacing, and tonality of your voice.

Everyone always wonders, what should they do with their hands? You’ll want to move your hands and face to gesture to keep the tone conversational. Depending on the kind of project we’re shooting the interview for, it may be required for you to look down the lens, or at your interviewer.

When it comes to your hands and arms, you’ll want to move naturally so you don’t look stiff. But you don’t want to move your arms all over the place, as this can be distracting. Move your hands and arms with purpose, and gesture at the camera to pull viewers into what you are saying.

By focusing on your look, your sound, and your expressions and gestures, you’ll not only feel more confident on camera, but project it too!

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