4 Reasons to make your Corporate Video for Mobile

Savvy businesses have already realised how important mobile is as a marketing channel. As it becomes even more apparent that most people now carry a smart phone and they are using it as the primary access route to the web, online videos are now a key route for communicating with customers whether they are businesses or consumers. It’s vital that corporate video production is made for mobile.

That’s not all. The corporate video that is optimised to cater to the tastes of the mobile device owner will be far more effective. The right lighting and with consideration for the small screen in addition to being short so that it can be watched within just a few minutes that are snatched during quiet moments in a user’s day, is proving to be the smart way to communicate effectively.

Marketing contents needs to be easy to consume in order for it to be effective. Below are 4 reasons why making video an important part of your corporate marketing makes sense.

People are on the goCorporate Video Production

With everybody on the move constantly, there is less time these days to sit and watch lengthy videos. If we were to offer any guidance on this, we’d advise that each video should be around 60-90 seconds long for it to have the best chances of being watched in its entirety. It should also be created with the right brightness set for the small screen in order for it to be easy to watch and clear.

Corporate video production should be made to be shareable

If you touch emotions or provide some truly fascinating facts, then you’re more likely to get the video shared. It’s easy to share videos across social media – the hard part is making it compelling and engaging enough for people to want to do it. Touch hearts and minds and your video could end up becoming a social media viral success.

Facebook is now a key distributor of online videos. Social Media Video Production

Video views on mobile are growing daily, this is particularly true of Facebook. Did you know that according to TechCrunch, there’s around 3 billion video views on FB daily? Combine this with what’s shown via Twitter, Google+ and YouTube itself then it becomes shockingly clear why it’s important for businesses to have a video marketing presence.

Built for the smartphone

Reaching more people is possible by developing your video specifically for the smartphone screen. People won’t watch something that they cannot see clearly, and if it’s interesting enough it will get shared.

Using mobile combined with video can deliver some truly remarkable results. It’s just knowing how to produce a video that will make waves and get noticed.

In summary, with so many people owning a smartphone or a tablet, the marketing landscape has changed drastically. What used to work online has now transformed. It’s now important to create marketing messages in the form that are most likely to be used, and these days, that means video for mobile.

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