4 Types of Video that are Effective at Growing Your Business

Video production is an effective way for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-nationals, to build strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, quickly translate information to consumers, promote your brand’s core values & improve your website search rankings.

Below, we’ve listed 4 types of video that are effective for growing your business, alongside some information about choosing the right type of video for you.

“A well executed video marketing campaign can dramatically increase awareness of a businesses’ product or service”

1. Product Videos

Product videos are a fantastic way to showcase everything that your product can do in 30-60 seconds. This could be showing off it’s features or USPs etc in an easily shareable form that you can promote through social media platforms, live events, sales meetings and LCD displays. It gives consumers a visual understanding of your product and what it can do, allowing you to demonstrate & promote it’s capabilities in the best possible light.

Product videos can also be really effective when tied into the launch of a new product and create a buzz around it’s release, when managed professionally it can make a huge difference to the sales of a product launch.

2. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the ideal way to quickly & accurately inform consumers about your product or service, it’s especially effective when it’s used to explain something completely new, unique from your competition or a complicated product.

The majority of online users would much rather watch a short video explaining how a product/service works, as opposed to reading a lengthy article on the topic. You can also entice the viewer with eye-catching and impressive visuals on a screen too.

We’re seeing an ever-growing number of clients choosing to produce explainer videos. It can be a powerful way to boost your SEO.

3. Interview Videos

A marketing video that incorporates a talking head is one of the most common videos businesses create.

Interview videos do not have to be monotonous however, by using cutting edge techniques and technology, varying camera angles and intelligent editing, they can actually be an extremely pleasing watch, as well as being packed full of important information.

Producing interview videos proves to be a great way of breaking down the faceless, corporate image of some businesses and adds a personable touch instead.

4. Testimonial Videos

We are always making an increasing amount of testimonial videos for our clients. They are a powerful, relatable and compelling watch for the viewer, often following a consumers journey with your companies product/service.

Using testimonial videos can be a super effective marketing technique that can considerably increase your brands’ credibility and authenticity.

A professionally produced testimonial video can give the viewer the experience of using your product/service before parting with any cash. Ultimately, consumers trust other consumers, so this type of video is a fantastic way of establishing trust online.

Among these 4 types of video that are effective at growing your business, there are others such as pitch videos, investor videos, social media videos etc and we make all of them!

You can visit our portfolio page to view some of our creations for all of the above, and of course, please do get in touch with us for some free production advice or a quote!

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