4 Ways Video Marketing Gets Consumer Engagement

With 1 in 5 page views on the web happening on a mobile device (a number which will surely rise over the coming years) there will always be an ever-increasing demand for interesting and engaging promotional videos, across various online platforms. Online marketing videos have set new dimensions for consumer engagement, increasing brand awareness and information transfer.

Since various online portals now seem to be saturated with marketing videos and advertising content, there is a vital need for the businesses and marketers to enhance the quality of their promotional video production undertakings, in terms of content and quality.

So Holler are going to show you 4 ways through which businesses can significantly improve the value and coverage their brand receives by using high quality web adverts and cinematic corporate footage.

1. Create an Emotional Connection

At Holler, we believe that effective online video marketing demands the establishment of an emotional link with your consumers and audience. Marketing videos should be created and produced to touch an emotional base with the consumers.

It can be humourous; nostalgic It may even be an inspirational video which can motivate the audience to be awed by what is presented to them. Videos that are able to connect emotionally with the viewers fare better at influencing their behaviour.

2. Focus on Good Narration and Storytelling

Online video marketing can be made more effective if your video doesn’t just inform the consumers about your products or services, but in fact narrates a story which conveys your brand personality and values.  You may depict the brand history or manufacturing process of your product in the video, or simply tell an interesting story, relating it to your brand that gives the consumers an insight into how much it could be of use to them. For example you might have noticed our blog about the epic Light Suit Ski Video last week; the story was the journey of the production and it’s viral success proves storytelling is an effective tool to getting consumer engagement. Check it out below:

3. Create Relevance

Promotional video production can be made more valuable through videos which hold more relevance to consumers’ lifestyles and interests. Consumers will be more interested in viewing videos which they may be able to relate to and engage with.

You may even direct your video to show how the consumers may use your products or services to seek solutions to a problem they might be facing.

4. Spark InspirationBlah Airlines

Inspiring marketing videos can effectively influence your consumers to positively respond to your call for action.

It will motivate them to avail your products or services and share your marketing videos among their friends and peers. An inspiring, relevant video with a good story, which sparks emotion, has the potential to go viral and get people talking about your brand. Check out Virgin’s ‘Blah Airlines’ viral marketing sensation which optimises customer engagement,

Following these guidelines, marketing videos can be made more engaging for the consumers and professional promotional video production companies like us here at Holler, consider all these factors during the production and planning of marketing videos.


If you want to find out more about putting emotion into your next video production, get in touch with the Holler Team in 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk.

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