How 4G Is Affecting Your Marketing Strategy

The fourth generation of mobile communication technology is here, and is already marking a change in the way we use our handsets on the go. 4G enables users to access the internet, use apps and stream video at up to five times faster than 3G – expanding consumer usage throughout the day.

The CEO of British 4G supplier EE, Olaf Swantee recently posted an article on LinkedIn about how 4G was already changing consumer trends, only a few months since it’s UK launch.

One thing that particularly struck us was that 25% of 4G usage is on video, with 11% of total 4G usage being YouTube.

“Customers want video content. Partners want to able to deliver their customers video content. Networks will lose partnerships and relationships if they cannot build a digital infrastructure capable of delivering what customers want.” Olaf Swantee, CEO at EE

If trends continue, it seems having video content online could become an essential for many businesses. After all, it’s often more engaging to watch a short clip than to read pages of text, especially on the move.

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