What does 4K Ultra HD mean for your online marketing video?

The super detailed high-quality screen resolution has been all over the news recently, but what does it mean and how can it affect your corporate video production?

If you’re someone who keeps up with the tech news, you may have heard some stories about how your brand new, very expensive HD LED TV is now completely outdated because of this thing called 4K, or Ultra HD. Naturally, if you’re someone who uses online video marketing to promote your business, you may have wondered how this will affect any upcoming campaigns as well as your existing HD video content.

So what is 4K, why does it matter and how will it affect your video marketing in the future?

Put plainly, ‘4K resolution’ refers to a screen resolution that has at least 4,000 horizontal pixels, which results in a resolution roughly 4 times the size of full HD (1080p).

Digital Video Resoultions Digital Video Resoultions

Although 4K has been hitting the headlines recently, it’s actually been around for a few years. Many professional cameras already have the capability to record in 4K, and some cinemas have been projecting 4K films for years.

The trouble for consumers has always been that in most cases this massive resolution would have to be compressed down to be broadcast on television, burnt to DVD or uploaded online.

More recently, big tech firms have been manufacturing affordable 4K televisions and home cinema systems, meaning that true 4K in your living room is becoming more of a reality.

As far as online streaming goes, you are able to upload 4K video to YouTube but it is often difficult to get it to play smoothly even on the speediest of broadband connections. This means that although your online marketing video is in 4K and is up on YouTube, if your viewers can’t stream it instantly they’re likely to switch off. Combine this with the fact that many people are now accessing their online video from a mobile device on the go, your viewers aren’t going to stick around for a video that won’t load with a 3G connection.

While 4K is gradually becoming the standard for cinemas across the country, and your HD TV may soon be replaced by a 4K Ultra HD model (although I wouldn’t throw your HD TV in the skip just yet), it’s safe to say that for now your business videos are better off staying online in full HD. In the corporate video world, there isn’t yet a great demand for 4K content. Our clients love the filmic look, and although a great looking video is important, there are often other factors to consider such as turn around time and price.

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