Many business owners and marketing managers often ask us “Why should I use professional graphic design services?”.

Marketing budgets are often fairly tight, so businesses are always looking at ways that they can reduce costs, with professional creative services are often seen as low priority.

But this is often where people go wrong. Sure, you could try doing it yourself or you could try using cheap online design tools, but what they offer is very limited and doesn’t make your business look good.

So here are 5 reasons why you should use professional graphic design services.


Professional Graphic Design makes your business look more professional


Above all else, you want to use professional graphic design services because they give you the professional image you need.

Professional designers understand things like colour theory, image composition and they know how to make your content look amazing.

When it comes to how you present yourselves, your customers are going to make their minds up in 10 seconds. So what you’re putting in front of them needs to look good.

They will associate the quality of your graphics with the quality of your services. If they see cheap graphics, they see cheap services.


It saves a lot of your own time


Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing manager, you’re already spinning enough plates as it is.

So you should consider the time it will take to come up with an idea and turn that idea into a design.

Time is money and the amount of extra time it will take you to learn software and create your design, compared to a professional who can do it ten times faster, will equate to a lot of lost hours.

Hours you could have spent growing your business or getting your day job done. Focus on what you do best and delegate the rest.


Buy cheap, buy twice


This all boils down to the fact that a professionally made design will stand the test of time. Whereas an amateur design will age really quickly and require updating sooner.

This becomes especially costly when you consider the knock-on effect if your design is going on things like stationery or signage. Everything with the old graphic will need to be reprinted and replaced.

One professional design is always cheaper than a poor design that has to be made over and over again.


Good design gets results


This is just a fact. Having graphics that look good is nice, but if it can generate more business then that’s better.

Professional graphic design will increase customer confidence in your brand and, as a result, lead to more business leads and more referrals from existing customers.


Online design tools are overused and recognisable


Quite often, we see people use ‘pick up and play’ online design tools that aim to make graphic design quick and easy. No training is required.

They’re the McDonald’s drive-thru of the graphic design world. Cheap, fast and satisfying. But too much of it is a bad thing and you probably wouldn’t serve it at a client meeting.

Whilst they have their place for certain things, they severely limit creativity. They’re also very recognisable.

If you’ve used them, you’ve probably spotted a graphic you’ve used on someone else’s website. Is that what you want for your business?



Graphic Design? Just Holler

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