By 2022, online video will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. With so much content bombarding us at every corner, how can you make your marketing video stand out amongst the crowd. Here are five tips for making marketing videos right now.



Marketing videos need to be concise and succinct. According to Wistia, videos under two minutes long get the most engagement. So get in there, get your message across and get out. Attention spans have never been shorter, but the competition for their clicks has never been higher.



Making sure your video can be played on any and every device is really important. Whether it is on a commute or a lunch break, watching video on mobile has increased exponentially with 75% of all video plays on mobile devices. If your video won’t scale to the best resolution or relies too heavily on sound, you will lose all audience engagement with your brand or product.


This is the same for search engine optimisation (SEO). Without tags or a relevant title, your video will disappear amongst the vast sea of content that is uploaded every day. The more information you provide, such as closed captions, tags, a transcript, the higher up the Google rankings you will find yourself.



Always end your video by asking your audience to commit to an action. If they made it to the end of the video, then they are interested in your services. Whether it is to visit your website, browse your products or subscribe to a channel, getting them involved with a simple task can convert them from a lead into a customer.



Leveraging the art of storytelling can resonate more powerfully with your audience. Instead of directly selling something, appeal to their needs or desires by showing how a product or service has helped solve a problem in reality. Alternatively employing humour will leave a lasting impression and therefore audiences are more likely to follow your call to action.



Finally, production quality is one of the most important tips we can provide. It’s all very well trying to shoot your video on an iPhone – which many people have done amongst the backdrop of Covid. However, this will quickly date your video. Speak with a video production company, like Holler, who will be more than happy to recommend a number of solutions that fit your budget and audience.


Those are the most important five tips for making marketing videos right now, if you would like to know more or want to find out what video solutions Holler can provide, please get in touch today.