The Advantages of Knowing a Good Event Video Company in London

We know that company events mean a lot to employees, and are often held for important purposes. Filming your corporate events and turning them into videos means that you can have access to the information and footage from those events for future use.

By Danny Cronin

Running a company event is always a lot of fun, whether your event is an awards night or a training conference. Having an event video company produce videos for you means that you are able to have footage to look back on and review, or use for whatever purpose you need the video for.

You could use the event video to promote your company, to raise people’s awareness that your companies out there, to show the videos to people that were absent from the event or to use at other events. Actually, depending on the way you get your event video edited you can turn simple event footage into a variety of useful purposes.

You could post highlights of the event on social media by producing a show reel of the event. You could put videos of all your annual events together to give potential customers an insight into the approach that your company has to doing business.  You could create a series of clips from an award night to possibly improve your departments, or your companies, public relations.

However to gain the advantages that come with producing event videos you have to have a good event video company working with you. A good event production company will work with you to clarify exactly what you want to get out of filming your event and will film and produce the videos with your initial ideas in mind the whole time. If an event video is filmed and edited in the correct way, it can be used for almost any purpose.

Holler is a professional corporate video company with offices in London and Surrey. We specialise in short promotional videos but have experience in event filming.

As a professional video production company we are able to supply camera crews to film your events, then add video animation, motion graphics and top quality video editing to produce event videos for you. You won’t even notice us there at the event, but you will end up with high quality event videos afterwards.

Why don’t you take a look at some of the event videos that we’ve produced in the past, simply click home at the top of our website, see if you like the way we produce videos, then get in touch and enquire if you’re interested in getting your company events filmed.

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