How to Come Up with an Idea for an Amazing Corporate Video

Most businesses will agree that coming up with an amazing corporate video that stands out and fully engages the audience takes a lot of thought, tonnes of imagination and a good deal of work. While the technology is now more accessible, turning your brand message into an entertaining few minutes of video content is not something to be taken lightly.

Contrary to popular belief, producing a stylish video is not just the province of large corporations with big budgets. Even SMEs have all the tools they need to produce great quality corporate messages on video.

amazing video productionAll you need to do is come up with a big idea.

Brainstorming options with team members could provide you with the kind of content that blows your viewers away. Alternatively, you might be sat there for hours scratching your heads, unable to come up with one clear idea at all.

Successful videos engage the audience at a deep level and there are some things you need to consider first and put into the mix before you settle on a particular idea. Telling a brilliant story that holds an emotional connection for viewers is key and to get there you really need to know who you are talking to.

Think about your audience

This may be your customers, clients or even people who are simply interested in your brand. The tone and style of your video will depend on the audience you are focused on. You may want to produce something sober and more professional if it’s an internal message. If you’re going for that viral vibe then you might need a video that is quirky, controversial or just plain funny. Once you’ve understood who your target audience is, we’ll be able to help you create the idea and take it forward.

Make it engaging

It goes without saying, so we’ll say it: One thing people don’t want to watch is boring content. That doesn’t simply mean the idea or script but how the content is filmed. Once you’ve found out who you’re targeting, you’ll have a good idea of what they want to see. Any good video needs to grab the viewer and pull them in with stylish shots, impactful imagery, maybe even some graphics to explain certain facts. It’s not just a case of throwing your idea onto the screen with reckless abandon, you have to be brave and find the right look and feel for your intended audience.

Think about what videos you would watch

If you wouldn’t bother to watch something, why should anyone else? When the story doesn’t create any emotion in the viewer, the chances are it isn’t going to do your brand message any good either. An amazing corporate video needs to leave viewers with some type of emotion expended whether that’s tears, laughter, hope or excitement. Make sure to take your time in the pre-production stage and understand exactly what it is you’d like to include and what you want your audience to feel. It’s worth looking back at great videos you’ve seen in the past and if there are any elements you’d like to include in your corporate video.

Look at what your competitors are doing

Video is a great way to show off your company and brand, and when you’re competitors are doing a good job it’s worth stepping up and doing the same. You may like some of the content they are producing, or want to take it to the next level. This will hopefully give you inspiration but also provide the drive to create better content. Alternatively, you may find some of your competition producing bad video content in which case you’ll be able to quickly learn from their mistakes.

Taking time to think about and set up your amazing corporate video is the key to success if you want to stand out from the crowd. And once you find what works for your audience you’ll be able to develop future videos that have a strong impact and may even go viral.

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