How To Get Your Amazing Corporate Video Seen


AUGUST, 2016

How to get your amazing
corporate video seen

There’s more and more amazing corporate video content uploaded to YouTube, and other social media platforms, every day. It’s not surprising that it’s one of the most popular forms of marketing, and has a great level of creativity. However, it’s no good having an amazing corporate video if no one can see it, or it’s difficult to find.

Making your amazing corporate video is only part of the job, albeit a satisfying one. Once you see your amazing corporate video on YouTube, there is a real sense of achievement and pride. You want people to come and watch it, to like it and possibly even to follow your channel. But that’s where things get somewhat more difficult.

Attracting people to view your amazing corporate video on YouTube is an art. And here are five ways of increasing your chances.

“You could have the best video ever. But it means nothing if nobody can see it.”

Optimise your video on YouTube

Before we look at techniques of marketing your video content elsewhere, first thing is first, you need to make sure it is optimised on YouTube. More than 70 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every second, a figure that will only grow. Think of how many videos are uploaded on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Making your amazing corporate video stand out against all of that raw content is hard, but there are things to do which will increase your chances. Firstly, give your video as creative or catchy a title as possible. “Welcome to Joe Bloggs Solicitors” is unlikely to attract anyone to watch it, so you need to try and think outside the box.

Secondly, when you upload or edit your videos on YouTube, you can add tags to help your video be found. Consider a tag as being either a specific topic or perhaps search term people may use when searching for videos like yours. You need to be easy to find if they’re looking for content like yours.

Lastly, if you do the first two things correctly you will be coming back in search results on YouTube. Viewers will then be looking at the video thumbnail, so make sure you use some creative energy here and upload a thumbnail that will engage users.

Promote your video with email marketing

Email marketing is still a key aspect of content marketing. When you send out your monthly sales email, ensure your amazing corporate video is always included. Use an image thumbnail with a play button overlaid on top, prompting users to click on it which will load up YouTube. If you have automatic email responders, (e.g. in customer service departments), vacation responders or email signatures, try to link your video wherever possible to increase the number of eyes that will see it.


Share your video on all social media

The key to getting real social traction is to share your amazing corporate video as much as possible on all social media platforms that your corporation is active on. Share, share and share some more.

There are many strategies for this, but the simple things to remember are to try to tie as many of your posts and tweets to hashtags or trends where possible, and obviously link your video in these. This increases the chances of your video being seen. Link your video to as many social posts as possible, and consider using automation or scheduling software such as HootSuite to help lessen the resource needed to manage the postings. Make sure your posts are human as well though, no rigid corporate jargon, social media isn’t the place for it.

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