Animated Marketing Videos

When creating your corporate video, there are times when it’s hard to make your ideas a reality. That’s where animated marketing videos come in.

Not only is animation a great eye grabbing medium to use in your corporate videos but there also a number of benefits to using animation over video.

Animation can be used to show the viewer something which is impossible to film or photograph. Whether this is something that does not yet exist, such as a prototype model, or something that would be logistically very difficult to film, for example the inner workings of a product or system.

Animated marketing videos allow you to explain how your idea, product or solution will work without the need for lengthy descriptions on screen, and research shows that over half of executives would rather watch video than read text.

Not only do animated marketing videos allow you to do and say more, but they can improve your business. In fact, according to Unbounce, Animated marketing videos increase conversion rates by 20 percent. Meaning that if you have an animated corporate video on your website, you are more likely to gain clients and make sales than a site with text only.

You can also use animation to make your company branding come to life for a professional high-end look.

At Holler, we can create most animations in-house in our studio in Farnham, Surrey using our animators/motion graphics artists. We can also combine live action with superimposed CGI which works really well if you need something that looks more realistic.

To find out more about animated marketing videos and how they can benefit your business, check out our showreel or contact Holler on 01252 560099.

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