Once upon a time, animation meant kids’ cartoons. Not any more. Animation is a versatile genre and a great tool for communicating messages and marketing your business.

Animated video production London has become increasingly popular in the corporate world, as it can:

  • Simplify something that’s hard to explain in text
  • Get a message across quickly
  • Reinforce your brand


The ‘Whys’ of Animated Promotional Video Production

These days, we’re gadget-rich and time-poor. 72% of the UK population now has a mobile device, which means we’re usually surfing the net on the move. We’re developing extremely short concentration spans. Large swathes of text are an instant turn-off for many. By contrast, animation is eye-catching and vibrant. It’s no wonder that 50% of all mobile traffic is video-streaming and animation is on the up.

TV screens are pretty much everywhere too. This means your potential audience could be anywhere: waiting at office reception, passing your stand at a trade event or attending your speech at a conference.  Animation is increasingly used to capture attention, trigger an emotional response and get people to engage with a message, product or service. And all within the space of a few seconds.

And of course, adding animation to your own company website or YouTube can be a powerful marketing tool. Mixed media on your website is helpful in terms of boosting search engine ranking. Effective animation video production can help reinforce a strong brand identity. Corporate colour palettes, logos and straplines can all be incorporated into artwork and animated to enhance your identity.


The ‘Whats’ of Animated Marketing Video Production

So, what’s available? You’d be amazed at the range and quality of animation out there. Have a search on the internet to get an idea of what’s possible, even within small budgets. You can have 2D or 3D animations, cartoon-style animation or whiteboard animation… Why not use a combination of pictures, motion, text, voice, sound effects and music to, for example:

  • Simplify a complex procedure
  • Rotate your product so prospective buyers can fall in love with it from all angles
  • Sell a service by telling a story
  • Engage with people by making them laugh

…you’re only limited by your imagination.


The ‘Hows’ of Animated Video Production – Why Hire Animated Video Production Companies

Animation was once one of the most expensive components of video production – new technology makes it relatively cheap. If you don’t have the know-how or creative ideas to do it yourself, find a great animated video production company to supply the technical side.

But come armed with your own expertise in the three areas below for the best results:

  1. Be very clear on the purpose of your animation – whether it’s demonstrating a product, offering a service or reinforcing a brand. You know what you’re offering best, its every usp and advantage over your competitors.  Are you trying to boost brand awareness or motivate and inspire people to action? Brief your agency fully so they can come up with ways to illustrate those to the best effect.
  2. Be equally forthcoming about your target audience – what’s their demographic, the general public or a specialist audience? What age ranges? There are many different styles of animation. The more the agency understands the desired audience, the more they can tailor the animation to its likely preferences.
  3. Know the results you want from your video. What’s the ‘ask’; the very next step you want your audience to take? Make sure your agency understands the outcomes you’re after. This ensures they can incorporate it smoothly into the finished animation. It will also help them advise on promotion once the video’s finished.

So if you’re looking for a way to create memorable messages, don’t think animated video production is just for children. It’s a fabulous tool for communication in its own right.

If you’re interested in creating an animated corporate video or business film, get in touch with the Holler team on 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk

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