Quadruple Award Wins At Holler



Quadruple Award Wins At Holler

It’s fair to say that 2016 has been a very fruitful year for us at Holler when it comes to award wins. We’re proud to say that we have recently been awarded 4 video production awards for 4 different videos.

Taking our total awards haul up to 8 for the year.

The award-winning videos in question won awards across multiple competitions.

We had two gold winners in the Aurora Awards, a  silver winner in the Davey Awards with another video winning the award of excellence in two different categories at the Accolade Awards.

These video production awarding bodies receive thousands of submissions from all over the world. Submissions range from everything from corporate video to full-length feature films. The expert judges for these awarding bodies have all got years of experience in creating stunning video content, so they know exactly what goes into an award winning video production.

“The key to award-winning video production is being different, creative and not compromising on quality.”



Tchibo wanted a video to help promote their new ‘Tchibo Trial’. Where potential customers could arrange to have a trial with their different machines and different types of coffee. The video had to be short, punchy and had to be completed to a tight budget.

We worked closely with Tchibo to come up with a treatment and script. We decided to do a short piece-to-camera style video featuring various different members of the Tchibo staff.

We then filmed all of the piece-to-camera interviews, whilst also capturing some nice B-Roll from Tchibo’s stylish show room. We then cut all the footage together adding some cool transitions to create a nice punchy edit. A really great project and we certainly didn’t need to go too far for a decent coffee break!


EtchRock came to Holler wanting a promotional video to showcase how the EtchRock platform can help turn event participants into event promoters. The final video should be modern and stylish with a cinematic feel and would be posted across the client’s social media networks.

We presented EtchRock with a visual storyboard to help block out what the video would look like. We wanted to give the video a real cinematic feel by using shallow depth of field cinematography, natural lighting, lens flares, and slow motion. We also decided that, in order to emphasise the use of the EtchRock platform, we wanted to make stylish pop-out graphics in the video.

During filming, we used large sensor cameras with high-quality cine prime lenses to capture crisp, shallow depth video. We also used a camera gimbal system to help us capture super-smooth video.

In the edit, we built the video to match the approved storyboards, added a suitable royalty-free music track and gave the video a moody colour grade. We also motion tracked the pop-up graphics that appear on screen.

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