Coronavirus is the viral campaign that every B2B marketer could do without.

It’s already hitting B2B events like trade fairs, conventions, seminars and launches. The corporate world is starting to play safe and avoid staging business events that involve large numbers of people. It means key campaigns and messages are at risk of getting canned and important lead generation events are being postponed or shelved.

But video could help you both minimise the damage and also maximise the opportunity.

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Many events will get cancelled over Coronavirus fears. Photo credit:

At a time when you risk becoming more distant from your prospects, video can connect. Especially when they’ve been grounded by their companies. And even better – it can do it across borders.

So rather than see it as a problem, look for the opportunity. Even just communicating your plans visually, will keep you in the minds of your prospects and customers and stop you fading into the background. Keep key sales conversations going, leads fresh and your existing customer based engaged.

There are many ways of doing this but here at Holler, we’ve been thinking of ways video can help navigate around the current situation. So here are our top tips on how to beat the bug and stop Coronavirus from ruining your marketing plans, strategy and objectives.

Top 5 Ways Video Can Beat The Bug

1. Cancelling Stuff?

Communicate! Personalise your cancellation with a short video message from a key stakeholder to important clients or potential clients with a new opportunity to connect and do business. Don’t forget to include a strong call to action or CTA message at the end.

2. E-Shot Trade Show Info with Video Content

Use a trade show cancellation as an opportunity to send a short, punchy message to prospective attendees and tell them what you would have been doing at the show.

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3. Video Meetings with Fresh Video Content

Utilise the power of video conferences and meetings to do virtual product launches or deliver key cross-border brand messages.



4. Say It With Social

Use this opportunity to create fresh and snappy social video content to talk to a wider audience via your multiple social channels.

5. Sponsored Videos on LinkedIn 

Use reclaimed trade show budgets to maximise your marketing campaigns with extra paid advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn themselves, video content gets 3x the engagement than just text and is 5x more likely to get comments. Here are some tips.

If you’d like to learn more about paid media, read our Senior Producer’s recent blog on it.

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Advertising on LinkedIn

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