Before adverts were used by companies to increase business, word of mouth was key. Good word of mouth is like interest, once it starts it builds up on its own and it’s still regarded by many as the best way to increase your business, however, the medium to do so has changed.

Putting these opinions and reviews online for millions of web surfers to see has now become the norm. This is where the word of mouth now comes from and then is where a video testimonial comes into its own.

Things such as Google reviews and 5-star ratings are beneficial to draw in new customers but there is the extra power in putting out a high-quality video of a happy customer on your own website and social media channels. Video testimonials can easily convince a viewer of your websites that your business is trustworthy for the service you provide and may lead to them not needing to look elsewhere for reviews. 


But Before We Dive Deeper, What Actually Is A Testimonial Video

A testimonial simply means referral or review and we all know how important reviews are in aiding a company’s success. Testimonials have always been an effective way to gain more customers and they have been for hundreds of years. Surveys have found that nearly nine out of ten consumers read or view reviews before making a purchase and that 93

% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions. 

So what does that tell you, well it means virtually everybody looks at reviews and that is exactly what a testimonial video is. The beauty of your own channels hosting these testimonials is that you don’t have to worry about these occasional below 5* reviews that are left.


What Are The Benefits

Testimonial videos establish an industry leadership feel to your business that in turn builds trust with your returning and new customers. When you hear someone saying positive comments about a company your instant reaction is that the company must be successful otherwise they wouldn’t be receiving praise. A survey found that 70% of people will trust a recommendation even if it’s from someone they don’t know. While that is great you don’t want anybody in front of the camera trying to praise your business. It’s important you find someone who is enthusiastic, authentic and trustworthy. All these things then carry over to your brand.


The testimonial videos are memorable and much more shareable than a simple review. It is statistically known that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is from visuals. Videos stick in your head more with visuals being processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. One benefit not to overlook is the shareability factor. Videos can easily be shared, retweeted, emailed and more with the click of just a few buttons. When content is electronically sharable it is having the same effect as in-person word-of-mouth.



Making Testimonials A Part Of Your Strategy

Hopefully, you can now see the importance of a video testimonial to help attract even more customers to your business. While still having written reviews on your website are beneficial, video testimonials allow your company to recapture the narrative.


If you’re not sure how to ask clients to be a part of your video testimonials or you’re concerned about interviewing them to get the best response, give our team of experts a call because at the end of the day this is our bread and butter.