Best Corporate Video Examples 2018

Here at Holler, we’re always producing eye-catching, engaging corporate videos for our clients. We want to share five of our best corporate video examples with you, to give you some inspiration at the start of this new year:

BBC Global New Promo

BBC Global News required a global promo to be used by the sales teams worldwide to help them sell the channel and the digital platform offering. The promo needed to have a global look and feel as it was to be presented to media agencies and clients on a daily basis, as well as featuring online and at trade shows.

Holler presented the client with a couple of treatments, eventually storyboarding the chosen idea. The Promo required a handful of actors, so after casting and organising the actors, Holler were ready for the shoot. We filmed the promo at the Television Centre in London, using kit such as the Canon C300, prime cine lenses,  a jib, sliders and an array of tech devices for props.

The team brought the footage back into one of our purpose built edit suites, and got cracking on the edit. Using existing footage supplied by the client, as well as creating extruded screen graphics, the promo started to come together. As well as recording a voiceover, Holler suggested music tracks and a final edit was produced within weeks of the shoot date.

“We send crews globally to shoot professional corporate video” 

John Lewis Testimonial for Oracle

Oracle required a customer testimonial video to showcase how Oracle Commerce was helping to drive profit for their client, John Lewis. We arrived before the store opened to capture some crucial set-ups that would have been nearly impossible to film if the store was open. We used a two-camera set-up for the interview and a steadicam system to create some interesting B-Roll and set-up shots.

Once the shoot was wrapped up, the footage was then loaded into our edit suites and cut together by our creative team of editors. We worked closely with Oracle during the post-production stage in order to ensure that all key messages were hit.

QinetiQ Unmanned Warrior

QinetiQ came to Holler requiring a series of videos to be made featuring the Unmanned Warrior trials run by the Royal Navy in 2016,  a large-scale demonstration of unmanned systems alongside a major multinational naval exercise.

Filming took place over the period of a week, whilst the trials were happening live. Due to this, it meant that we only had one chance to get the footage we needed, so we didn’t waste time faffing with kit; we were ready to just pick it up and shoot. Back at Holler HQ, we began building the edit.

Once we had completed the master version, we began cutting together various different shorter versions, based on amended scripts sent over from the client. The final videos featured on the client’s social media pages as well as on the British Royal Navy’s social media pages.

Swiss Post Solutions Company Explainer Video

Swiss Post Solutions came to Holler requiring an animation that would explain how their ‘Order 2 Cash’ process worked. We worked closely with Swiss Post Solutions to discuss the key messages that the video had to hit.

The animation was initially built with a temporary voiceover, then once the client was happy that all of the key messages had been hit we started the process of recording the professional voiceover. In addition, because the video was going to be played at an event, we added some burnt on subtitles to the animation, making sure that people at the event would still be able to take away the key messages, even if they couldn’t hear it properly.

Playtech Customer Testimonials

Playtech required a series of short customer testimonial videos that would feature on their website and across their social media platforms.

Holler sent crews out to Copenhagen, Milan, Leeds and London in order to film each interview. In addition to this, we completed all of our foreign shoots in one day; catching an early flight in the morning and a late flight the same evening.

Once all the interviews had been captured we imported all the rushes into our custom-built edit suites to begin the edit. We worked with the client to decide which parts of the interview they wanted to include and the two-camera interview allowed us to seamlessly cut between different parts of the interview.

To finish it off, we added some motion tracked call outs through-out the interview to highlight key points. We also combined these call-outs with a profile shot of each interviewee, which really added a professional touch to each video.