How to Make the Best Facility Promos 2017


MARCH, 2017

How to Make the Best Facility Promos 2017

Whatever the industry, companies love to show off and promote their facilities. Whether it’s something as simple as an office walkthrough, or something more high tech; there is no better way of promoting it than through facility promo videos.

Aside from the educational value of facility promos, quite often, the best facility promo videos will be also used to win more business and attract more investment. This is because the best facility promo videos are able to show off the breadth of a company’s capability and encourage investment; not just show off a facility with a few pretty shots.

“A good facility promo has the potential to do so much more than show off your facilities.”

Our Tips for the Best Facility Promos 2017


What is the video trying to do? – As is common with most video productions, it’s really important to understand what the video is trying to do. Don’t fall into the trap of making a facility promo video just for the sake of it. Are you trying to educate people about your facility? Are you trying to win more business and the video is to demonstrate your capabilities? It’s important to iron this out as soon as possible to avoid ending up with a confusing video with mixed messages.

What kind of style? –
Have a think about what kind of style you want the video to be. Do you want to it be a short and punchy promo with voiceovers and big text? Or perhaps you have an expert speaker who can explain more in-depth about the facility? It doesn’t have to be a case of either/or. You could have multiple versions done to suit different needs.

What makes your facility unique? – Pretty basic; but what’s special about YOUR facility? Perhaps it’s one of the only ones in the country? Perhaps it’s the largest in the country? Perhaps it does some truly magical things? Think about what makes your facility unique and run with it.

Use motion graphics – One great way of lifting a facility promo is to include motion graphics. Stylish motion graphics really separate the men from the boys when it comes to facility promo videos. So if you’ve got some impressive stats you want to highlight, or some key words you want people to take away; motion graphics are a safe bet.

Bring in the Professionals – When it comes to video production, you get what you pay for. Anyone can pick up a camera and film your facility, it takes real experience and know-how to turn it into an effective promotional tool. Whether it’s knowing how to get the best shots or knowing how to ensure it is fit for purpose, at least you know you’re in safe hands.

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