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One of the most powerful methods of advertising and promoting your business has to be high-quality client testimonial videos. Testimonials are vital for building trust in your customers base and ensuring that people see you as a quality business who they will want to buy from.

5-star reviews on Google are pretty awesome for your business. But you know what is even better? A testimonial video that features one of your clients singing your praises.

Want to know more about why it is worthwhile creating one of the best testimonial videos 2017? We have summarized some of the benefits of creating the best testimonial videos 2017.

“A high quality client testimonial video can be the difference between new business and just another dead lead.”

Builds Client Trust

Trust is incredibly valuable in business. It not only helps to draw customers, but also helps them to stick around too. Trust has to be earnt, and by this we mean that you need to show customers that you value them and that you can deliver excellent service.

By sharing a video testimonial from one of your current or past customers you can show new customers just how great you are, and why they should trust in you!


Endorses All Your Hard Work

There is a good chance that you will put a lot of effort in making sure that your customers have a great level of service. But why make all that effort if you are not going to show it off?

When it comes to securing customers there is no excuse for being modest. In fact, if one of your customers thinks you are great, why not ask them to share this view in a testimonial video?

That way, all the hard work that you have put in, will have a reward.


Generates New Business

Testimonial videos can be a great way to generate some new business. They can be the final push that a “lurking” customer needs to become a fully fledged one. By showing that you are a good business to buy from, you may see an increase in the sales and leads that you have.

All of which will be vital in giving your business a much-needed boost.


Makes You Look Great

Receiving a shining testimonial video from a client not only makes you feel great. But it will also make you look great too!

Being seen in a positive light is a fantastic boost to your confidence, and it could also be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and one that performs okay.

There are a number of reasons why you should make the effort to create a customer testimonial video. Whether it is just to confirm that you are doing the best job you can, or if it is to show off to your prospective clients and tempt them to use your business. Testimonial videos are the perfect marketing addition.

Thinking that you need a professional to help create the best testimonial videos 2017? If you do, then it may be worthwhile getting in touch with us and finding out how we can help you.

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