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How many times have you found yourself on YouTube searching for a “how to guide” on how to do something? The chances are plenty of times. Therefore, it is no surprise that one of the most effective ways to train someone is to create a training video.

The trouble with training videos is that they are not always the most thrilling of viewing. It can be hard to create something that captures imagination, teaches and coaches. However, there are things that you can to make sure that your training video has the right impact and result for your business.

So, if your company is looking to train your staff, you may want to check out our top tips for creating the best training videos 2017.

All to make sure you have a video that is going to have the best impact.

“People would rather watch a training video than read a training manual.”

Keep it Engaging

It is no secret that sometimes a training video may not be on the most glamorous of subjects, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Videos are designed to teach, but they should also capture and keep the attention of your audience. Remember, if they are not watching then they are not learning.


Motion Graphics are your friend

If you have several points that need to be properly explained and demonstrated in your video, then perhaps you should go for Motion Graphics to help you. They are a great way to visually get your message across, and ensure that everyone watching understands the main points.


Have a thorough script prepared

Whilst you may feel like an expert on the subject of the video, you should always prepare a full script for the video. Not only will this make sure that the video flows well, but it will also make sure that you cover all of the important points that you want to get across.


Show, don’t tell!

When it comes to training videos, the temptation can be to lecture your attendees. If possible you always try to take the “show” rather than “tell” approach. People respond better to examples that can be seen and this will greater aide their learning.


If you need to create the best training videos 2017 for your training needs, then we hope that these top tips will help you on your way. It is key that you can communicate your message, keeping the attendee’s attention and making the most of their learning.

Something that videos are great for doing!

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