Beyond Tron: The Re-emergence of Virtual Reality

Tron, the cult film that brought virtual reality to the masses, with people in glowing suits running around a wire world. It was the first film to hook people’s interest for virtual reality. A lot has changed since the 80s however, but the potential of virtual reality is still enormous. With VR goggles you can transport yourself anywhere, but go nowhere. Until recently, its been having a very major comeback with the help of Oculus and now GoPro’s acquisition of virtual reality content company, Kolor.


GoPro and Kolor

GoPro’s recent acquisition of virtual reality company Kolor, shows they’re making major steps into the growing virtual reality market. Kolor’s software allows users to stitch together their multiple photographs or videos to make full 360 degree panoramic videos and photos, creating completely ‘spherical content’. Giving customers the ability to create their own interactive content, which is something the leading action camera company hasn’t previously been able to offer to customers, that is until now.


Oculus Rift

Seen at the forefront of virtual reality’s reemergence, Oculus Rift’s much-anticipated headset has finally announced it will be available from early 2016. The high profile device has come a long way from its initial Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Although the device has been developed primarily for video gaming it is now also being explored for occupational therapy and video production. With a 360 degree audio and visual environment, that responds to the viewer’s every reaction, it makes whatever action happening in front of them seem increasingly real.



Sony Morpheus

Oculus Rift wont be by itself in the virtual reality market. Sony will also be launching its Morpheus VR specifically built for Playstation 4. Capable of showing high resolution graphics at 120 fps, with a 100 degree view translating into a highly responsive gaming environment.




Apple and Google are also eyeing the virtual reality market, with their own smartphone-powered headsets. However Oculus continues to further virtual reality even more, with their own motion graphics division called Story Studio, manned by a team of Pixar and industrial Light and Magic veterans.

The reemerging technology will continue to grow with further designs from HTC and games publisher Valve, due to be release at the end of 2015.

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