How Can Video Marketing Help Your Businesses Grow

Online video marketing has significantly changed the marketing trends and has proved its worth for the growth and progress of a business. Today, marketing videos are widely used to enhance consumer engagement and boost sales, revenue and profits for a company. Marketing video production has emerged out as a dynamic force for product and service promotion and creating brand awareness, and is seen as the future of content marketing.

Hence, online video marketing is now one of the major factors which contribute towards a business’ growth and success. Below are a few tips about how you may use marketing video production to grow your businesses.

Make the videos interactive

Good marketing videos are not only focused on promotion, but they are inspiring, urging the audience to interact or provide feedback, and are more engaging. Make your marketing videos motivational, including calls for action, to encourage your consumers to purchase your products and services, which will ultimately lead to the growth of your businesses.


Focus on first 15 seconds

Since the attention spans of audience have narrowed, it is vital to convey the most important details during the first fifteen seconds of your marketing video. Marketing video production can be enhanced by making the first 15 seconds of the video more interesting and engaging, to hold the audience’s attention.


Online video production is all about precision, brevity, directness and entertainment. As mentioned earlier, most of the viewers have short attention spans and long videos will lead to your consumers losing interest. They may even stop watching your marketing videos half-way through, if they find it to be unbearably long. Be straightforward when conveying your message and make your videos short and interesting.

Brand value and identity

Make marketing videos that accurately convey your brand values and effectively help you create brand identity. A professional look will be more convincing for the audience to develop trust in your brand.

Be genuineVideo Marketing from Holler

Make marketing videos that appear natural and authentic. Consumers and audience are easily compelled and convinced through content they consider to be genuine and they will be more comfortable with trusting your message and will readily develop confidence in your brand.


Pay attention to audio

You may produce an excellent marketing video, but there is a possibility that you not pay attention to the inclusion of good audio in your marketing video production. Bad audio is annoying and can put off the audience from viewing your video.

Ensure that the audio complements the video, is of good quality and clear.

Make your video purposeful

Make your marketing videos more meaningful for your brand, as well as, for your audience. Be clear and direct about what you want to show and convey to your audience to ensure that they accurately interpret your message.

You may consider these suggestions to add more value to your marketing videos and accelerate the growth and progress of your businesses. Seeking the assistance of professional experts, like the marketing video production team at Holler, you can influence your consumers, increase your profits and expand your businesses.


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