Capturing the Extraordinary: Aerial Drone Footage

While touring Antarctica with his 73-year-old father for a few weeks, Stockholm-based filmmaker Kalle Ljung utilized a GoPro HERO3+ and DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. Shooting over 20 days in December and January, the GoPro footage documents their trip starting in Ushuaia in Argentina traveling onto Port Williams in Chile, rounded Cape Horn and Crossing the Drake Passage towards the Melchior Islands in Antarctica. Ljung really highlights the breathtaking beauty of this lone landscaping, and can be experienced in this short 8-minute film.

Ultimate Travel Film

Edited with Final Cut Pro X, the footage he has captured is astonishing, from isolated shots of his father on lone icebergs to a pod of whales breaching the sea’s surface- all shot from directly above. In a mix of extreme travel and nature films shot with drones and GoPros this really is a showstopper.

ant-3 ant-2

Capturing the Ultimate Shot

Aerial drone photography has seen a very sharp rise within recent years, with their popularity increasing with professional video productions especially at this year’s NAB. Drones offer photographers and filmmakers alike, the chance to capture out of this world video content that images captured from a helicopter couldn’t.

The ease in technology and the ability to attach action cameras like GoPros, have allowed amateurs the world over to capture breath-taking footage of sports, the natural world, public demonstrations, and even the recent Nepal earthquake. The relatively cheap cost of the technology also means that video productions who might not otherwise have been able to afford to include any aerial photography in their corporate or online videos, now have a financially viable way of doing so.

Producers of action-sports movies and events are among the most avid users of drones within the video production industry, with the combination of GoPro and drones used to capture the most unique shots making perfect for GoPro’s video marketing, as seen with Ljung’s video above. Directors of many popular TV shows and select movies are already frequently using drones to capture unique footage and angles that would be impossible or expensive to capture any other way.

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