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Whether it’s corporate headshots, product photography or general business photography for your website, showcasing your business through photos has become an essential tool.

When it comes to hiring a photographer, it’s often quite tempting to just go for the cheapest quote. After all, how hard can it be to take a picture?

Taking a picture is easy, but taking a high-quality, professional-looking picture isn’t so easy. It requires good cameras, lenses, lighting and, most importantly, experience.


So here are just some reasons why cheap business photography is a bad idea.


You get what you pay for


If you’re going for the super cheap option, it’s usually super cheap for a reason.

Either the photographer is using cheap equipment, doesn’t have much experience, or simply knows that their work isn’t very good.

It’s not just about pressing a button and taking a photo, it’s the experience of knowing how to create the best possible conditions for a photo to be taken.


They make your company look bad


When it comes to client-facing marketing assets like photography, your customers will associate the quality of your photos with the quality of your products/services.

If they see cheap photos, they think cheap products.¬†After all, if you’re cutting corners on your own marketing, why should they think you won’t cut corners with your products or services.

On the flip side of that coin, high-quality photos, that make your business look amazing, helps to build customer trust in your brand and your services.


Buy cheap, buy twice


It’s a famous saying for a reason.

When your cheap business photos land in your inbox and you realize you’ve made a big mistake, the first thing you’re going to want to do is reshoot them.

Now you’re bringing in the professionals and you’ve ended up spending more than if you just went for the professionals the first time around.

Marketing budgets are tight enough as it is without handing a chunk of it over to someone who won’t deliver what you want.


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