Why Cheap Corporate Videos Are A Bad Idea


JULY, 2016

Why Cheap Corporate Videos
Are A Bad Idea

Corporate videos should be a huge part of any companies marketing campaign, and should also be something that is produced to a high quality standard. A high level of quality for corporate videos is difficult to achieve with a small or cheap budget, however there are ways of making your money go further if you’re clever.

Companies value their products or services so, when it comes to marketing collateral, do they try and scrape the barrel? Marketing represents the face of the products or services that they offer, so having a badly dressed face that is not well presented is a big setback for any marketing campaign.

“Producing cheap corporate videos can do more harm than good.”

Quality Is Key

You have a product that is high quality, a luxury product, something to desire. Why make a video that looks cheap and undesirable? Producing such corporate videos will only degrade the product image and will undermine your whole marketing strategy.

We’ve worked with companies who have had corporate videos produced previously, coming to us for help with re-making their videos. Such a scenario could be completely avoided if the video was produced by a professional video production company in the first place.

Cheapest Isn’t Always The Safest

There are ways to save costs, however just going for the cheapest option may not always be the safest option. It’s better to save the video for when there is more budget available and make the highest quality corporate video possible.

If you are looking for a budget solution, there are many ways to do it without hindering the quality of the overall product. However to achieve such a high standard, you need to work with a team that is experienced in doing so. Such ways include finding good crew members who are talented yet undiscovered, having good location contacts to find the best deals, and if you are going to use stock footage, finding the right team who has a good connection with a decent source.

Corporate Videos Need Standards

We’ll produce your video to the highest standard, and work with you to make sure you’ve got everything you need from the video, and it does what you need it to do.

Expensive products and services need to have an aura of high value surrounding it, this feeling cannot be achieved with cheap corporate video solution. You will only end up taking a risk of over spending on your production budget if you decide to go for a budget solution. It is much safer to go with a professional that has a track record then a new team, not that they are not talented, it is just that you don’t know that for sure.

If you value your product then you should put value on your production as well. A well designed and produced corporate video can definitely mean the difference between success and failure of a marketing campaign.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire professionals, wait until you hire amateurs.”

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