Client Testimonial Videos: Their Power & Points to Consider

We’ve seen that client testimonial videos are rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways to emphasise your company’s strengths. Everyone loves a 5-star review and some nice words to display on their website, but a video featuring a satisfied client who’s raving about your business can be ten times more effective than a few sentences.

Their Power:

Builds trust – New customers are more likely to trust a client testimonial video than a written review. How can they be sure that the company has not fabricated the written testimonial themselves? However, with a video, they will be able to see for themselves the sincerity and passion in the client’s actions. Making them more likely to believe what’s being said about your company.

Endorses your work – Potential customers will want to know beforehand that your product/service is worth the money they’re going to spend. A video testimonial gives you the option to show your product/service in action as well as show the positive effect it has had on someone else.

Encourages new business – 90% of customers have said that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Therefore, people are more likely to invest into your product/service if they can see a load of happy customers saying how much they like your product/service.


Ok, so you’re onboard with the idea and you want an amazing client testimonial video. You should consider a few things before you pick up the phone to your video production company.


Points to consider:

Who’s speaking? – You need to know who you want to speak for you in your video. Once you have a client in mind, you should make sure that the client is happy to be involved in the video. If they seem unsure, you can always try and offer them something to try and sweeten the deal. If they have a unique or interesting story as to how the product/service has helped them out, then even better.

What do you want them to say? – Whilst you want their testimonial to be as natural as possible, there may be some key points that you want them to hit or talk about. This doesn’t mean getting them to say something that’s not true, it just means making sure they don’t forget to highlight a certain aspect of the product/service that helped them.

How will you make it interesting? – We already touched on the client having an interesting story, but how else could you make it interesting? A standard talking head may not be so engaging to the viewer, so you may want to consider filming some other footage to help paint the story that the client is telling. This would be a good opportunity to showcase your product/service in action.

We’ve made tons of different types of client testimonial videos, so get in touch today and let us help you get the wheels turning on yours.


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