How Corporate Event Video Can Improve Attendance

One thing we hear a lot from our clients is that they want to know how to increase attendance at their next corporate event. Corporate events are a great way for companies to get their staff together to share updates on the business, meet with potential new clients or partners, share ideas and celebrate recent successes.

But how do you encourage more people to come to the next one? Through a high quality corporate event video, of course.

A high quality corporate event video is a great way to generate buzz around your event and make people excited to go to the next one. They’re also a great way of showing people what they missed out on, which will be sure to make them not want to miss the next one.

Here are our tips on how to create a great corporate event video that will be sure to increase the attendance of your next corporate event.

“Corporate event video can help generate the excitement and get people interested in your next event.”

Short, Snappy & Stylish

The key to a great corporate event video is to keep it short, snappy and stylish. A short, punchy video with a energetic track will really help to grab attention and get people excited about your event. You don’t want it to be a really long video with full length presentations in, this is more likely to put people off of going.

If you do want to film any and all presentations for those who missed out, it would be better to keep these separate to the event wrap.

Include Some Interviews

Another good idea is to get some interviews from the people who are have attended. They don’t have to be formal, sit-down interviews. Just quick sound bites from some of the people there with some positive comments about the event and why people should go to the next one.

If people can see how much other people have enjoyed it, then they’re more likely to want to go themselves.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One big mistake people make is that they fail to make a plan. Share your schedule with the production company and plan the day with them. Let them know if there are any specific bits about the event that you want them to capture. Don’t make the mistake of not planning and assuming that the video will just happen.

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