Professional Corporate Video Editing With Final Cut Pro X

When it comes to editing your corporate video, you want to know that your video production company can get the most out of the footage recorded, add a splash of creativity and most importantly hit your deadline. The kind of editing software they use may not seem important, but we’ve found it can make all the difference. 

video_production_londonWe’ve worked on all kinds of corporate videos, from very tight turn arounds to more involved longer video projects with complex graphics and animation included. Some corporate videos can be completed within a day, others could take weeks of planning and multiple shoots across the world.

We edit most of our projects from our Surrey HQ in our purpose build edit suite, but we also have capabilities to edit on location for super quick turn arounds. This is especially useful at events because we can film something in the morning, cut it together in the afternoon and have a final video ready by the end of the day to screen and share on social media.

Every project is different. But they way in which we approach our edits is, for the most part, the same for all our corporate video productions.

We work hard to ensure that all our videos have the highest possible quality, and always try to steer clear of creating a ‘boring’ corporate video. We can also complete most edits within just a few days. So we like to work in a way that is quick, but as creative as possible to ensure the best result for our clients.

That’s where we’ve found Final Cut Pro X to be extremely useful. The workflow is fast and simple. We can start putting an assembly edit together while the footage is still importing. The use of drag and drop plug-ins mean that we can give your video an imaginative treatment, without having a build all the elements from scratch. Saving you time and money.

In an article for last year, Head of Production Matt Smith explained how the FCPX software has helped us make the most of each project.

“A year ago, life at our video production company Holler was very different.  We were cutting on FCP7 and taking a lot more coffee breaks. With 7, we always seemed to be waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the rushes to transcode, waiting for the software to reboot after yet another crash, waiting for the render bar to limp across the screen and then waiting for Compressor to do its thing with the master export.  And then waiting for the final files to upload. Now we seem to breeze through this stuff with relative ease. FCPX has made us faster, more creative and is winning us awards.”

We’re not the only ones to realise the massive benefits that come with taking on a new way of working. Rumour broke last month that there is a major Hollywood film being cut on iMacs and FCPX, a system very similar to our own. Well, if it’s good enough for Hollywood…

To find out more about how we can help get your corporate video project off the ground, get in touch with the Holler team on 020 7112 8665 or email 

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