In need of some corporate video ideas?

If you’re lacking inspiration for your next business video, don’t panic, we’ve got some top tips to help you come up with a killer idea. 

If you need a video for your business, whether it be an online marketing video, an event wrap or a product promo, coming up with the idea can be a difficult first step. It’s important that when you start your project you have some idea of what you need the video to do, but how are you going to go about it? Whether you have lots of ideas, none at all, or you just need a creative boost – try to consider the following things.

Holler London & SurreyThink about your audience
Who is your target audience? Is the video for young consumers, current employees, CEOs? Each of these viewers will have varying tastes and will be interested in different information you have to offer. For example your potential customers probably don’t need to hear about your profits in the last quarter, but an investor might. You need to think about what will appeal to your viewers and motivate them into taking action.

What are your competitors doing?
Take a look at their website and see if they have a YouTube channel. What is their video content like and how does it make you feel as a first time viewer? If you feel that it’s too long and you find you’re loosing interest, you then know to avoid making that mistake with your video. If you find a video that seems to capture the kind of mood or feeling that you’d like for your video, then send a link to your video production company so that they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Remember to make it engaging
Your viewers are busy, and they’re likely to have plenty of distractions surrounding them when they’re trying to watch your video. When you’re thinking about corporate video ideas, it’s important to think about whether it will grab the attention of your viewer and keep them engaged. It’s no good having your main message 90 seconds into your video if viewers are likely to stop watching after only 10 seconds.

What would you want to watch?
Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes. If you were looking for your product/service (or even if you weren’t) what would grab your attention? It’s especially important to think about where your audience will be watching your video, and what would appeal to you in that situation. For example, if your video is going to be screened at a trade show, what usually jumps out at you when you’re at a similar event?

Thinking about these things straight away will really help you narrow down your corporate video ideas and help form a mental picture of what you need. Expressing this to your video production company will ensure you get the best possible result from your final video.

If you’re still a bit stuck for a creative idea, arrange a meeting with your video production company. At Holler we offer a full creative service, meaning we can help you come up with an idea, visualise it with scripts and storyboards and then proceed to film and edit your production to bring it to life. This ensures our clients get the best results from their corporate video.

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For more corporate video production tips, check out our 60 Second Tips on YouTube. 

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