If you’re planning a corporate video, you can’t go wrong when shooting in the summer.

It’s not just because the video crews are happier for being out in the sun. Filming on a sunny summers day offers you many advantages. Some more obvious than others.


The Images are Better

One of the obvious advantages of filming in the summer is that the images you capture will look much nicer.

When the sun shines, it really makes the colours of the environments pop on camera. If you compare footage from an overcast day vs a bright sunny day, the difference is incomparable.

This is particularly true with drone footage. Trees are full and green, rather than brown and dead. The sea is bright blue, rather than black.

When the sun shines, you also have more chance in catching lovely cinematic lens flares.


The Days are Longer

Another thing videos crews love about filming in summertime is that the days are longer. Which means we can get more done and capture more footage during the day.

The worst thing about winter is that it’s dark by 4pm. During the summer, the days are much longer. Meaning we’re able to capture more content outside as well as some gorgeous golden hour footage.


Reliable Weather

Ok, so maybe not so much in the UK. But most of the time, the weather in the summer is much more reliable.

Outside shoots in winter are notorious for being postponed. This isn’t just because the footage doesn’t look as good, but expensive camera gear and rain just do not play nicely together.


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