Taking Risks In Your Next Corporate Video Production

One thing you definitely want to avoid is letting your corporate video production strategy become stale. If you’re finding that you’re just making videos for the sake of it, or to meet a quota or just to be seen to be creating new content, then you’re running the risk of that happening. Ultimately, it means that the videos won’t be achieving what you want them to achieve.

That’s why, from time to time, you should think about taking a few risks with your corporate video production. We understand that it’s often easier said than done. Taking risks is – well – risky. No one wants to make a mistake, especially in front of their colleagues. But taking little risks every now and then is important.

It allows you, your team and your corporate video production company to get a bit more creative with your marketing videos. Remember, there’s so much boring content out there, so if you want to make your corporate video production stand out, you should try and do something different from time to time.

“Taking a calculated risk can often give your results a nice boost.”

Take Calculated Risks

Just because you’re taking more of a risk, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a considered approach. You should probably consider things more than you would normally if you want to give yourself the best chance of being successful.

One thing you need to consider is your audience. It’s great that you want to create something different, but you don’t want to be confusing or upsetting your target audience. So if you’re targeting an older audience, then perhaps something a bit too wacky isn’t the way to go. But then if you’re targeting a much younger audience, you’ve got a little bit more wiggle-room when it comes to creative freedom.

You Don’t Have To Re-Invent The Wheel

Sometimes it doesn’t take anything drastic to shake up your corporate video production. It can be something as simple as shaking up treatment of your videos

Say you want to make a nice simple CEO message. Why not break out of the boardroom and spice it up with a different interview set up than normal? If you’re planning on making another video with text and graphic pop-outs, why not ask your corporate video production company to come up with a more modern and creative treatment?

Little things like that can make a big different to the overall feel of a video.

It’s quite easy to fall into a safe company format for videos and people are always nervous of being the first ones to break away from the common style. But by taking that risk, you can often reap good rewards.

If you’re thinking about taking a calculated risk, then the best advice we could give is to talk to your corporate video production company. Sit down with them and discuss your ideas and why you want to make a change. They’ll be able to advise you from a corporate video production perspective and, will most likely, be just as excited to do something different as you are.

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