How to Make Your Corporate Video Production Easy

Taking on the task of making a video for your business can seem complicated, but by making some key decisions early on you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. 

Although it might seem obvious that prior planning can make your corporate video production run a lot smoother, it’s the way you plan your video that can really make a difference. We’re not talking about preparing lots of spreadsheets, or having a lot of of meetings – it’s actually much more simple than that. When you’re thinking about making a corporate video, just ask yourself the following questions.

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1. What do you want the video to do?
Perhaps you need the video to advertise a product, or to give a company update to your current employees. Whatever the purpose, pin the idea down straight away. This will really help you when it comes to planning your shoot with your video production company, as it can determine the content, style and scale of your video. For example an advertisement is very different to a step-by-step explainer video.

2. Who do you want to watch your video?
Once you’ve decided what you need your video to do, you should start thinking about who you want to see it. It’s probably quite clear whether it’s new customers or current employees for example, but you should also think the kind of video your audience is likely to watch. New customers may not be enticed by a long video explaining what the company has achieved over the past year, they’re more likely to watch something punchy that grabs their attention.

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3. Where do you want them to see it?
Deciding on the final output can drastically change the style of your corporate video, and so it’s important to decide on this early on. If your video is destined to be shared on social media, it’s likely to be much shorter than a video played in a presentation at a networking event. If your video is going to played at a trade show, it’s important to focus on the visuals as the viewers may not be able to hear it well amongst the surrounding noise from passers by.

4. What do you want viewers to do after they’ve watched it?
Closely linked to the video’s purpose, but important to consider on it’s own, what do you want the viewer to do once they’ve watched your video? It could be that you want the viewer to purchase a product or simply pick up the phone and get in contact. Deciding what action you would like the viewer to take will help your video production company taylor your video to appeal to your viewers further.


Asking yourself these questions early on will help lead the way for the rest of the pre-production process by giving your video production company a clear idea of what you’ll need for your shoot, including locations, hiring of crew and actors as necessary and then how to edit your footage together to get the best possible final product.

At Holler, we provide our clients with a thorough production brief questionnaire prior to filming to ensure we’re able to create a video that is tailored to their audience, brand and marketing strategy.

For more information on creating your custom corporate video production, get in touch with the Holler team on 020 7112 8665 or email

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