Corporate Video Production: How Much Equipment Do You Need?

There’s a couple of questions to ask before planning a corporate video production; What do you need the video for? What do you need the video to do? And how much budget do you have? There’s a lot more to a corporate video production than those three questions, but they will get the ball rolling and help you focus on an idea and message.

Once you’ve got the idea nailed down, and understand how much budget you have to play with, that’s where we can help and provide the correct equipment to capture the shots you need and get the look you need.

The best corporate video production results come from projects that are well planned and carefully executed. We recommend starting with the end in mind. Once you have decided what quality you want your production to be, then we can work out what equipment you need to get there.

Please note that all of our projects are produced with your audience in mind throughout the process. We know how important it is to develop your corporate video production with them in mind and to build the script around their level of experience and expertise or it won’t resonate with them.


Arriving on location with the right equipment is essential to a good shoot. Just one missing cable and the whole day can be ruined. The most basic of video shoots require items such as:

  • Digital video camera or camcorder
  • Tripod
  • External microphone
  • Extra batteries and recording media
  • Video lights and light reflectors
  • Computer
  • Video editing software


If you’re filming in small spaces, you don’t want a huge amount of equipment or equipment that is large in size, and if you’re hopping from location to location a
lightweight kit might be the better option. The technology in cameras these days means that bigger isn’t always better. Some of the smaller cameras are capable of producing great picture quality and might be just what you need for your corporate video production.

You will also need to consider whether you want a dolly to be used for your video camera. It may be that you’ll need to use professional audio equipment, including external microphones. Many of our clients need video lights and reflectors depending on whether they are filming inside or outside.

If, however, you’ve got plenty of space, a little more budget and want to capture that ‘wow’ reaction, then we can supply some great kit to help increase the production value. From jibs to add movement, Steadicam to add even more movement, drones, cinematic lenses etc.

The professionals are well aware that a steady camera produces good images. If the camera is moving around then it will only distract and irritate the viewer and therefore your message will not be relayed as powerfully as it could or should be. Camera movements need to be smooth and that is the purpose of equipment such as tripods, dollies, jib arms, cranes and of course the Steadicam.

Being able to light a video correctly is both an art and a science. Lighting is what makes the image ‘pop’ and brings the level of quality to any corporate video production so that the viewers stay engaged through out it. You’ll also notice that any movie you watch either at home or at the cinema these days has a large number of people working in lighting to ensure that the image produces is just right. It’s very much an important factor.

There’s plenty of scope to scale up or scale down depending on the look, feel and style of the corporate video production that you’re seeking. Just make sure to provide us with enough information and we’ll be able to advise what’s best.

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