A Quick Guide To Corporate Videos

Showing the world your company

Thanks to the power of search engines, getting information on pretty much anything is easier than it has ever been before and accessible within seconds. As a company, knowing what people really want to know about you is the hardest aspect to judge. Do you create a website that is overloaded with information, or do you keep it minimalistic and encourage people to pick up the phone to find out more? Either way, this is where the power of video can help.

Corporate videos are ever growing and are the best way to build awareness, change perception, training, and motivate employees. We have pulled together a few tips to get you started.

The purpose

Whether your company is a startup or a FTSE 100, video can be the most powerful way to showcase what you are really trying to get across. The first and most important aspect video is to understand the purpose. Are you trying to show a general overview of the company to your new employees? Or are you showcasing all the services and products you offer? Finding the main purpose of your video can be the hardest part, however when you find the angle, the process and ideas will naturally land in place.

Finding the experience

Finding the right professional video company can sometimes be the make or break of your corporate video. Being able to communicate your idea and have a company that understands what you want is essential. However sometimes your ideas may not always work, and may not work for the budget of the project. Being able to listen to the professionals and come up with ideas together is a key part to making the project successful.

Planning and ideas          

By hiring a company that will film, produce, and edit your video, it leaves you with less stress and more time to focus on your day-to-day business. Working with the right video production company and turning a quote into a finished product can be a simple process. The professionals work in a way that makes your project run smoother and easier. This can be from transferring your ideas that you’ve scribbled down on the train ride home, into a tidy looking storyboard for you to share with colleagues along with turning a few words into a full script.

Cutting Costs

Video equipment and editing software is expensive and a cost you won’t need to worry about when you hire a professional video production company. Production companies will have all the equipment needed to produce your video to your expectation, keeping the costs down for your video project.

Holler is a London & Surrey based corporate video production company that is happy to help with all of your video filming and editing needs, so get in touch if you have something we can help with.

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