Creating Great Corporate Video Content

The importance of video is something that we talk about a lot, partly because it’s what we do, but mainly because it really is important! With the help of your chosen video production company, we want to give you some pointers on how you can create great corporate videos.

Authentic video

If your video is designed to be a company promotion, or a new product promotion for example, you want the video to be authentic, or at least seem authentic to the viewer. It’s always good to convey personality through your video, as opposed to just showing off your product or company. At Holler, to do this, we like to conduct interviews that are low-pressure and upbeat meaning that your chosen employees in the video are able to deliver the key messages whilst conveying their personality too.

It’s important to consider which devices your video is most likely to be viewed on.”

Consider Devices

It’s important to consider which devices your video is most likely to be viewed on. If you’re creating a video predominantly for social media – perhaps Instagram or youtube, it’s probable that the majority of your audience will be watching your video on mobile. With this is mind, you can work with your video production company to create a video that is designed to be optimised for mobile devices. Certain things may include opting for a shorter video, utilising eye-catching graphics and using the correct and optimal resolution for your video.

Filming Location

Another great consideration to have in order to ensure great video is the filming location. Lots of the time we travel to the headquarters of our clients to film their videos. If that’s where you’re thinking of filming yours, it’s worth having a think about the best place in your offices to film the video. Open, modern and quiet spaces/rooms are normally what we go for as they create the most optimal filming conditions and look.

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