At Holler we like to regularly discuss the videos we are loving. It’s great for improving our creative video concepts, and also means we get to enjoy some great projects every week! We recently sat down to look at videos shot in a studio and we were all very impressed by the music video for the OK Go song “The One Moment”.

The band and the video’s director (front-man Damian Kulash) have very cleverly brought the song title and concept to life by filming one 4.2 second clip, which they subsequently slowed down into a full 4 minute music video. Kulash wanted to “explore a time scale that we can’t normally experience, because it’s so inaccessible to us” and his way to do this was through maths and film.

There are many impressive things about all the different facets of production that came together to make this video; The high speed cameras, the timing, the various explosions, flick books and breakages which have been specifically cherry-picked to look amazing and tell a story in slow motion. The list goes on!


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According to Kulash, over 300 “events” occurred in the 4.2 second clip, all of which were precisely timed to fit perfectly into the song’s sequence once the clip was slowed down. This type of meticulous planning is what makes a seemingly impossible concept like this, work so seamlessly.

In addition to all the events, the video was filmed with 7 different camera movements on high speed arms; no single camera or robotic arm would’ve been able to match the complexity and high speed direction changes required for the final result of this video.

Check it out below to see what you think!




If that doesn’t satisfy your intrigue, there is also a behind-the-scenes video that shows how their masterpiece was crafted!

We love the film and how truly unique the concept is and it has us all very inspired.

 Behind every great idea is a team with a pen to paper and this type of concept development is something we love to do at Holler. To find out how we can help to develop your corporate video concept into something that will really get people talking, get in touch below:


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