In short, yes, you do need a custom video thumbnail.

You always want to make a good first impression in life. Well, a thumbnail is your video’s first impression.

All too often, we see companies make amazing marketing videos, throwing huge budgets at them, but when it gets uploaded to the internet it doesn’t have a thumbnail to match.


Why are custom video thumbnails essential?

A great custom video thumbnail can be the deciding factor as to whether or not someone decides to click on your video.

A custom video thumbnail is also an amazing way to give your video a high-end, professional look. A good video thumbnail makes people want to want your video.

If you’re not uploading a custom video thumbnail with your video, generally what happens is the host website (YouTube etc), will automatically generate a random frame from your video and use that.

95% of the time this will be one of the worst frames for a thumbnail. You can bet your bottom dollar it will either be midway through a transition or as an interviewee is blinking.

It doesn’t look professional, it doesn’t do your video justice and no one wants to click it.


What should a video thumbnail include?

Whatever is going to best sell your video.

Whether that’s big bold text, bright brand colors, company logos, the speaker’s face, or all of the above.

It needs to tell the audience what the video is about and help entice them to click on it.



Custom Video Thumbnails? Just Holler

If you need custom video thumbnails for your marketing videos, just holler!

Our team of creative content producers have got tons of experience when it comes to crafting bespoke video thumbnails that will grab your audience’s attention and improve the video click-through rate!