Explainer Videos | What You Need To Know


JULY, 2016

Explainer Videos | What
You Need To Know

Trying to explain your product or services can sometimes be tricky, especially when its complicated. That’s where explainer videos can be your saving grace.

A lot of people tend to learn and pick things up quicker and easier with visuals, just find a ‘How To’ video on YouTube and see how many views they have, most of them can be classed as viral. So here are our tips for how to make your explainer video as effective as possible.

Don’t Overload


The viewer doesn’t need to be overloaded with information. Your explainer video should do enough to tell your customer exactly what they need to know. Giving them too much information may confuse them and make them take their business elsewhere.

The balance between too much and too little information can be a very fine line and it needs to navigated with caution. That’s why hiring someone who has experience with informative explainer video production, will help you save a lot of time and money.

“The trick to a good explainer video is: keep it simple.”

It Still Needs to be Stylish


Just because they’re explainer videos, doesn’t mean they have to be boring or dull. They still need to grab the viewers attention with some style and good quality.

This could mean fancy effects but doesn’t have to be exclusive to just that. Having a well presented video with professional post-production is key to a successful explainer video. You want to be using high-end equipment and professional software to help you get the best out of your explainer video production.

Graphics Can Help


Adding motion graphics to your explainer videos can help your viewer understand what you’re trying to explain a little better. People learn significantly faster with a well organised and presented format so, if they received what they came for, they will share the video. This will then contribute to the videos viral factor.

Graphics can play a big role in the success of your explainer video simply because they make it more aesthetically appealing. This will ensure your product and video grab the users attention thus ultimately contributing to the success of your marketing campaign.

Increased Conversion Rates


According to a survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of people are more likely to buy into a product once an explainer video has been released about it. This is simply because it shows a visual side of the products, a hands on look at the product that allows you to influence people’s buying behaviours.

Tapping into a Huge Market


70% of internet users watch videos online daily, and that includes explainer videos. Most of these are cat videos and memes, but many are also explainer videos that explains and ultimately sells a product or services. By having a video made for your product you can tap into a huge underutilised market and capitalise on this growing opportunity.

Rank Better in Google Search


There are 2 sides to this, having a backlink from the video hosting site and also having videos presented on your website increasing visit time.

Backlinking from YouTube: This is common practice that is utilised by SEO professional all over the world. With the right placement and care, you can benefit from having a high quality link straight from YouTube it self. This doesn’t have to be limited to YouTube, there are many other video hosting websites that you can also place your video on. Having a video on multiple video hosting platforms also allows you to get customers from multiple sources besides your marketing campaigns.

Increased visit time on website: If your video is about 5-6 minutes long and about 50% of people watch it to at least half way, that means the average time spent on a single page on your website will be about 3 minutes. This is a very big indicator for Google that your website contains quality content and therefore should be ranked higher than your competitors.

Here’s One We Made Earlier

Check Out this explainer video we made for Charles Tyrwhitt, which shows the viewer how to tie a bow tie.

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