4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Facebook Video Results

In June 2017 Facebook reached 2 billion users. That means that just over ¼ of the world’s population is using Facebook.

So there is enormous scope for companies and businesses to reach an incredibly large audience.

But it’s not quite as simple as that. With the increase in users comes the increase in the amount of marketing material we see on Facebook. Which makes it harder for your business to stand out. So how can you generate the results you want from Facebook video? Well there are a few pretty simple things you can do to drastically increase your videos performance.

“A quarter of the world’s population are on Facebook. So your videos should be too.”

The First 3 Seconds Are Crucial

According to Facebook’s statistics, 65% of users who watch the first 3 seconds will then go on to watch at least 10 seconds. In addition, 45% will opt to stick around for at least 30 seconds.

So you’ve got a tiny window to capture their attention. So keep your videos short, sweet and try and appeal to your viewer’s curiosity. Make them want to see more. If you wouldn’t watch the whole of your video, why would your audience?

You can see how long your audience watches your video for in the “Video Average Watch Time’ metric in your Facebook Insights.

Make Your Post Unique To Facebook

Chances are you are posting your video to multiple social media accounts. But make sure you’re not just copy and pasting the text. Ideally you want the copy to engage the viewer.

Some things you can do to achieve this is to ask questions, don’t write too much, use a quote from the video and use hashtags.

Consider Different Video Formats

People aren’t just watching standard widescreen videos on Facebook anymore. In fact, research suggests that people prefer vertical and square videos when watching on their mobile devices. Seeing as 90% of people access Facebook via mobile, that’s quite a big deal.

So think about how you can repurpose your video for a different aspect ratio.

Always Use Text

We can’t stress enough how important text is when it comes to Facebook video. If you didn’t already know, 85% of facebook videos are viewed with the sound off. We’ve all been there, you’re scrolling down your Facebook feed, you see a video but it’s got not subtitles so you keep scrolling.

So to make sure your audience aren’t missing out on your messaging, you’re going to need to add text. Whether that’s standard subtitles or big bold stylish text, add something that will give your video context without sound.

…and Finally – Hire the Professionals

If you’re thinking about making more Facebook video content, then one thing you will definitely need is a great video production company to work with. We know exactly how to make compelling marketing content that is tailored to social media. So get in touch today and let us see how we can get your project moving.

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