What Films Do You Need To Look Out For In 2015?

Jurassic World

Release date – 12th June (USA)

It’s been twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park and now John Hammond’s dream has come true, in the form of theme park Jurassic World. After 10 years of operations, visitor rates are declining and in order to please the corporate mandate Jurassic World brings a new attraction to the public however it backfires horribly.

America Sniper

Release Date – 16th Jan (USA)

This could be Bradley Cooper’s best performance ever, and one that could achieve an Oscar nomination. Cooper plays a Navy SEAL sniper and his pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield turning him into a legend. After four tours of duty, being home with his wife and kids he struggles to leave the war behind.

Get Hard

Release Date – 27th March (USA)

Everyone loves a comedy, and Will Ferrell is arguably the king of comedy. Ferrell plays a millionaire however is caught as a fraudster and is bound for San Quentin prison. Knowing that he’s more than likely to struggle in prison, he turns to Darnell Lewis, played by Kevin Hart, to prepare him to go behind bars.

James Bond – Spectre

Release date – 6th Nov (USA)

Bond is back and he gets sent back to his past after reading a cryptic message, sending him to uncover a sinister organisation. While Bond is revealing the terrible truths behind SPECTRE, M is battling the political forces to keep the secret service alive.

Terminator Genisys

Release date – 1st July (USA)

With the last two Terminator films not that well received by critics and audiences alike, the team have brought in Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor to put some fresh eyes behind the camera. With the trailer came the confirmation that this film would reset the entire Terminator universe. I for one am excited and I know it’s cool and trendy to hate remakes and sequels but I think they can be fun and interesting. So it’s in the list!

Mad Max

Release date – 25th May (UK)

Another reboot/sequel but this one looks truly interesting. The colours, the wide desert shots, the landscape, and the violence. It all looks amazing. Definitely one to watch in the cinema!

Ant Man

Release date – May 15th (UK)

I was a bit curious about how this one will work out. The concept seems like it could be easily messed up, maybe even un-filmable and when Edgar Wright left the project, the stand in director seemed to be coming into unchartered territory after a successful comedy background – but having said that, there was some official test footage released and it actually looks like it could be a real surprise in 2015.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Release date – December 18th (UK)

Few films come with a hype like the next installment of the Star Wars franchise After the unpopular, CGI laden prequels that were released over a decade over ago – director J.J. Abram’s has been brought in after making Star Trek cool again. The trailer has been released and with it, it’s fair share of fan boy criticism and excitement. But there’s no question this film belongs in this list.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Release date – 13th February (USA)

One of my favourite writer/director combinations who are behind films such as the wickedly original Kick-Ass (part 1) and Stardust are back with a film this new film. Although has been done before with the first section of the trailer looks like the first half of Men in Black – rough around the edges outsider goes up against well to do, experienced soldiers for a part in a secret service that works outside the government the fact that the protagonist is a gritty British teenager gives it a fresh feel and the lead actor Taron Egerton seems like a breath of fresh air to the way the Brits are portrayed in Hollywood.

The Fantastic Four

Release date – 7th August (USA)

This film intrigues me more than anything because of how young the cast are in this reboot of The Fantastic Four. I’m excited about it, in the same way I am excited about Ant Man. The first two were silly and I don’t see how they can make Mr. Fantastic look credible. But I’m excited to see what they come up with.

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