Get Your Corporate Video Production London on YouTube!

How can video sharing site YouTube help give your corporate video production London the visibility it needs?

It is known that people are better at learning visually than through sounds, and although everyone processes this information in a different way, the combination of the two is a sure way to get  an audiences attention, and that’s why video marketing is so successful. It is believed that we learn and remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we see and 50% of what we hear and see, so these figures show why video production is the better option than print based advertising.

The internet has really enabled the world to appreciate and understand the importance of video production and Youtube is one way that this has been proven. With over a trillion views, there is no denying that people love videos, whether that is for learning or for general enjoyment.

When it comes to your business now is the time to jump on the video production bandwagon. There is no more shying away from video, the world is screaming out for video and YouTube is becoming more and more accessible to the business world.

A good corporate video can help to offer clear information in a simple and understanding way. Instead of having to trawl through pages of information, hit the play button and the information is given instantly. An image is important to any business and a video can help to establish this. Showing the personality of the business, and keeping it interesting, can offer more than text which can work wonders.

People like to be engaged, and a video production can do this so much more efficiently than a block of text. Gripping the attention of the user doesn’t have to be difficult and studies show that a well executed video productions can keep people browsing a website for two minutes longer than text alone. It is all about being creative and being different to others, and using video can really enable the use of motion graphics and animation that can pull together everything about the business. It encourages the sharing of information and if people enjoy the video then they are more than likely going to tell others on social media.

With video production now being more achievable than ever it is simple to do and can be done relatively quickly. With software available and professional services becoming ever more affordable, video has never been so versatile.

Regardless of the service, the company or product a good video production can really benefit in many ways. It can be informative, and it could also be instructional. Showing “how to” videos which are more often than not a lot easier to understand and follow than a set of instructions in text. It can promote the overview of a company, explaining goals, what the company does along with product demonstrations.

Video production can be an extremely useful tool, but it has to be executed correctly in order to be of any use. It is important to get all the components of the video correct and in place to ensure that it really works to its potential. Putting your video onto YouTube is a great way to ensure you have optimised your content and are getting it out to the relevant people.

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