Get Your Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube has announced that they now have more than a billion unique users every month, meaning that if it were a country, YouTube would be the third largest in the world. That’s a lot of viewers!

This latest news from YouTube confirms that more and more people are using online video. As a form of entertainment, a means of communication and as a marketing tool.

Announcing the milestone on it’s blog, the site stated that ‘advertisers have taken notice’ with all of the Ad Age Top 100 Brands running campaigns through YouTube, and tens of thousands of partners creating branded channels.

Having video content online can increase your SEO, grab the attention of potential customers and investors, and your videos can be shared across social networks – meaning that they can be seen by as many people as possible.

It is thought that a new generation of small screen viewers, dubbed ‘Generation C’, are to thank for their contributions to YouTube hitting the 1 billion mark. Due to the rising popularity of smartphone and tablet technology, users are accessing YouTube throughout the day and on-the-go, not just at home on their desktop computers.

If you don’t already have content on YouTube, come and talk to us about creating an engaging marketing video. We can also advise on YouTube Channel branding, social networking and sharing your video across a variety of platforms.


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