Holler’s Gift Ideas for a Video Enthusiast

As another Christmas nears ever closer, this is the time of year that shopping becomes last minute and extremely stressful. Especially when you’ve got someone in your life who is into video and photography. What do you buy them!? Well don’t panic there’s still time and we’ve got you covered. 

Here are Holler’s best gift ideas for the video enthusiast in your life, that won’t break the bank. 

Smartphone VR Headset – £19.99

One thing that has been growing in popularity over 2017 has been virtual reality. Top of the range VR headsets are going to set you back hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds, so what you really need is an affordable introduction to the world of VR.

Enter the Infinity VR Headset. This works with your smartphone to create amazing VR experiences. It’s more than just for games, too. You can also download apps that will play amazing virtual reality videos. If you do go for this, mention the following apps to the lucky receiver; Within, RYOT, GoPro VR, 11:57 (VR Horror Movie) and Jaunt VR.

100 Movies Scratch Poster – £12.99

We all have that friend who has never seen the classics. Well this poster acts as a scratch away, cinematic bucket list. Once they’ve seen a film, they scratch away the foil to mark is as seen. There’s some of the greatest films ever on this list, but also a couple more obscure ones.

If you know anyone who is bang into their films, then this is a great little gift idea.

Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera – £34.99

Everyone seems to be into photography these days, even people who like video are into photography as a lot of the cameras are basically the same. But how many people do you know that can say that they built their DSLR themselves?

Like the flat-pack furniture version of a camera, this cool kit not only enables the user to take great snaps, but also understand the basic mechanics of an old-school SLR camera, assembling it piece by piece.

Art of the Cut (Paperback) – £26.09

A unprecedented insight into the world of film editing, ‘Art of the Cut’ features interviews with over 100 film and television editors, giving you a step-by-step masterclass in the basics of editing. This book is a treasure trove of practical information on the art and technique of film editing.

It guides the reader through approaching the scene, pacing and rhythm, structure, storytelling, performance, sound design and music. It should be the first book on the shelf of any keen video editor.

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs (Paperback) – £9.06

Sticking with the book theme, this one comes with the seal of approval from Holler’s Exec Producer, Matt – so you know it’s going to be good. Whilst this focuses more on photography, any video enthusiast will know that the principles of photography and video are the same.

If you want really solid advice on how to ‘see’ great images unfold in front of you, then this should be on your wish list by now. This systematic and, at times, funny book introduces you to everything from basic camera functions, such as aperture and exposure, to ideas about the ‘perfection of imperfection’. Anyone with a camera should read this book.

PowerUp FPV: Paper Aeroplane VR Drone – £35.99

This is the first ever paper aeroplane drone to feature a live streaming camera.

This dinky little drone generates its own Wi-Fi hotspot so you can control it and stream live footage to your smartphone from up to 90 metres away. Just pop your phone in the included VR headset and suddenly you’re in the cockpit of the paper aeroplane – controlling its flight path through gentle, intuitive head movements.

Suitable for beginners and experienced pilots alike; an array of impressive autopilot and stabilising features make it easier to fly in windy conditions and practically impossible to crash!

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