Are We Looking At The Future Of Tech?

Google have released a new promo video for their smart-headset Glass, showing what a user could see and do while wearing the technology. The video shows the wearer taking photos and recording video, as well as sending tweets and texts – all with the freedom to be completely hands-free.

Many believe that wearable tech will be the next big smart device to impact how we connect with the world following the recent boom of portable computer technology in the form of smart phones and tablets.

While Google have been working on Glass, it seems Apple have also been busy designing a smart-watch, rumoured to be called the iWatch, and fans have been just as busy designing their own ideas of what the device may look like.

We’re interested to see how these new products change how people record video, and whether being able to record something as you see it, hands-free, will take off. Although the quality of video recording from Google Glass is said to be no more advanced than the average smart phone, will the convenience in this method of filming prove to be popular with videographers across the media industry?

You can win the opportunity to try Google Glass by tweeting what you would use the product for, using the hash tag #ifihadglass.

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