Google Tests New “Not Mobile-Friendly” Icons

Why is having mobile friendly videos becoming increasingly important?

With Google’s new “Not Mobile-Friendly” icons it just became a little easier for you NOT to get noticed. Google’s plan is to have small icons next to the websites that aren’t mobile friendly, to quickly tell users which sites are going to be easily accessible when they are on the move. But it’s not just your website that needs to be mobile friendly. Here’s a few reasons why having mobile friendly video content is important if you want to get results.


According to Digital Insights 4.2 billion people access their social media feeds through their mobile devices. This means that having web videos that are mobile friendly are extremely important – as the odds that someone will watch them on a mobile device are on a steady incline. If you want your video (and consequently your company) to reach large audiences at all corners of the globe – which presumably you do – then it will need to have that ‘share factor’ that people can share with the touch of a finger.


Free Wi-Fi is becoming more and more frequent by the day with Wi-Fi Hotspots popping up in restaurants, bars, supermarkets and coffee shops – which means that people waiting in these places for clients or colleagues, they will be pulling their phones out and, if you’re mobile friendly, potentially seeing, sharing liking and/or retweeting your video during a very small window of time, which leads me on to my next point.


On a four inch screen people scrolling down feeds will react more to videos which they can click on, compared to paragraphs that to read, they have to zoom in, scroll right and scroll back again! It’s complicated and its time consuming. If you’ve got top quality, mobile friendly videos that are just a click away, people are more likely to notice them and respond.

Essentially, video content that is mobile friendly opens up web videos for companies to an array of audiences giving your video a potentially unprecedented number of views, shares and results – so if you want it to be really effective, it’s a wise option.

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