How To Tell If Your Corporate Video Is A Success

Making a great corporate video a pretty involved process. There’s the countless meetings with the team to come up with an idea, then you’ve got to find a trustworthy video production company to make it, then there’s some more planning, then the actual filming, then post production and then the sign off stage. So if you want to make more great corporate videos, you’ll probably have to prove that the first video was a success.

But how do you go about doing that? Monitoring the success of your corporate videos isn’t as simple as it is for other forms of media. For example, email-marketing campaigns often have very obvious open/response rates and they’re easy to track. But it’s a lot more complex when it comes to corporate video. There are quite a few different ways that you can measure their success.

“There are various different ways of measuring success. But, ultimately, success is defined by what you want the video to do .”

Here are some tips on how you can measure how successful your corporate video has been.

What is the Ultimate Goal?

To really understand how successful your corporate video has been, you need to outline during the planning stage what you want it to do. Do you want it to improve sales of a specific product or service? Are you trying to attract new employees from a certain demographic? Knowing this from the start will help you understand what numbers you’ll want to be looking out for when measuring success.

What Do The Numbers Say?

The most common and easiest way to measure the success of your corporate video is to look at the numbers. Most video hosting sites now offer you certain viewing figures from your video. YouTube, as an example, can offer you video analytics on things such as; amount of views, what countries are watching your videos, gender of viewers and many others.

So if, for example, you wanted to raise brand awareness in another country, you can look to these analytics to see whether your video has achieved that.

Not All About Views

One common misconception about video production is that the amount of views a video gets determines how successful a video is. The more views, the more successful – right? Well, not really.

Don’t get us wrong; getting loads of views is great. What’s the point of making a video if no one watches it? But what’s more important is what people do after they’ve watched it. You could have a video that has 1,000 views, but generated no new customers. But you could have a video with 100 views that generates 50 new customers.

You can measure this in various different ways. For example, if you put a video on a product page – are you noticing an increase in sales from that product? Whilst a video might not appear successful as a lone entity, it can still have some really positive effects on your other marketing metrics.

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