Why Your Website Needs A Great Corporate Video

As video continues to flourish in the world of marketing, it’s becoming clearer that if you want to engage your audience, creating a great corporate video is the way to go. The same applies to video on your website. Having a video or multiple videos on your website can really help you stay competitive and get ahead of the competition. Here we’re going to highlight just some of the many benefits that having a great corporate video on your website can have for your business.


Reasons to Choose Video:


Improves SEO – Video increases the amount of time that someone spends on your website, which boosts your SEO ranking. It’s also a great way to target key words in search engines. Having a great corporate video on your website also tells Google that your website is more interesting than those without. This will further increase your SEO ranking.

Engages Your Audience – Pages full of text can be a major turn off to people. The main reason being that people just do not have attention spans anymore. Who wants to read a whole page of text when they can just watch a video that is more entertaining, quicker and gives them the same or even more information?

Great for Mobile – When it comes to mobile devices, people aren’t just browsing the web on the go anymore. More and more people are browsing the web on their phone at home whilst on the sofa. Which means your website is missing out on some crucial viewing time if it doesn’t have a great corporate video.

Makes You Look Great – Having a professional looking video on your website will impress your potential customers. It tells your customers that you are one of the ‘big boys’ and that you know what you’re talking about. This makes a really good first impression and the customer is likely to view your business more positively after watching a video.

 Video Establishes Trust – Videos are a great way to grab the attention of new customers and help create trust between you and them. Videos can be very personal and this will help potential customers relate to you and your business much better. This gives you the ability to turn potential customers into paying customers in a matter of seconds.


Got an idea for a great corporate video to feature on your website? Get in touch with us today and our team will work with you to create an amazing video that can take pride of place on your website.

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