Why Great Video Marketing is Essential for Your Brand

Great video marketing and video SEO have become essential parts of marketing video production, and businesses need to realise their importance in order to succeed in the new world scenario of internet marketing and promotion. Marketing videos have emerged out as an appreciated tool for online marketing, and their growing significance is further stressed by the findings that suggest that today a major consumer segment, aged between 18-34 years, actively engages in online video viewing. According to stats collected, these individuals presently watch 53% more online videos than ever before.

Consequently, it is inevitable that video marketing is to become an essential part of branding and marketing strategies for any brand or business that aims to emerge as a leader in the concerned industry and adequately cope up with cut-throat competition, which is a result of increasing globalisation.

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 10.22.33Marketing video production, content and promotion is now considered as a rudimentary element of any business’ digital marketing strategy, as online video viewing platforms continue to expand to several modern devices. As a result, various brands and businesses are realising the need to familiarise with the tools and techniques which facilitate online promotion of marketing videos. These include practices such as the optimisation of video title and description and thumbnail customisation, especially when a business is using YouTube as a platform for video marketing.

Integration of SEO practices with marketing video production has led to the emergence of new concepts and practices for online video marketing, which are elementary for sufficient online visibility. SEO optimised marketing videos also ensure wider reach and increased consumer exposure for marketing videos, eventually contributing towards the final impact of the videos.

However, success of video marketing is not only dependent on video optimisation, but video content is equally responsible for making a video more impactful and valuable for the target consumers. Today, there is ample data available that may be employed to assist with marketing video production. Brands and businesses need to consider and analyse all the available information and categorise the available data on the basis of its importance and relevance to the target audience. It may then be composed and organised to form the content of influential and meaningful marketing videos.

There is a need to consider various metrics, such as consumer behaviour and psychology, before the available information is filtered and compiled to be used for video marketing. Exploring avenues concerning the choices and preferences of target consumers and audience, and integrating the derived conclusion in marketing video production can significantly raise the quality and value of marketing videos. Luckily, today there are various tools available to serve this particular purpose, such as Google Trends and Viral Video Charts.

Additionally, businesses may also engage in analysing various channels and platforms that their target consumers are likely to employ for online video viewing. This provides direction for the placement of marketing videos, helping with the identification of platforms that are subjected to maximum exposure from a particular segment of the target consumers.

Effective video marketing is result of all the recommended practices mentioned in this article and business and companies need to give the suggested applications a serious thought to ensure that they benefit the most out of online video marketing.

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